Built-In Cupboards Glenelg

This particular job involved 3 areas of the home built in cupboards storing a bed, a custom built study area, and a built-in TV cabinet.

The home itself was a small cottage style home, which did not allow for much room. As a result, we decided to go more creative and came up with some great ways to use the space available to us.

Custom Built Bedroom Cupboards

The Bedroom now consists of a built-in cupboard that when opened lowers a bed into the room.

For small apartment and cottage style living, this is a great way to use the space, you have to give you more room in your home. Which can help in resale value of the home as well.


Custom Built Study & TV Cabinet

In addition to the bedroom work we did, we also built a TV cabinet which floats above the floor as the customer wanted to keep everything off the ground for easy cleaning of the floors.

In addition, we also built in the same room a study desk and draws for keeping files and folders. Please see the photos below