Torrens Park Major House Renovation Job Done In Adelaide’s South East 

At the end of last year 2018 we got a call to come and quote for a new kitchen. On arrival we were amazed in which the state the clients property was in. It was basically derelict and not much more than 4 walls and a roof. The owner had been taken for a ride with a well know builder that had gone bankrupt in the first few weeks of his renovation of the whole house. The house had sat uninhabited for just over a year like this.

His dreams were completely shattered and he was left well out of pocket. We suggested that the kitchen was a way off an we would happily look at it in the not to distant future once the house was closer to completion. The client really didn’t know what the next step of his renovation was. As he had been left with a bare shell. Wire’s hanging out the wall, the bathroom and kitchen completely stripped, It was in total disarray. After a bit of conversation we suggested that we have all the trades and can likely deliver his dream home. 4 months on we have completed his home and to a high caliber which he couldn’t be happier about. We turned the house from a mid 70’s cream brick to a modern 2020’s style home. Moving the kitchen from the front of the house to the rear and creating an additional bedroom with a separate laundry within the existing structure.

The few pictures we can upload really doesn’t describe the disarray of what we started with but highlights some of the major renovation that was undertaken. 
We came in on time and on budget. All additional works were quoted while we went along to make sure it was all within his budget. Meanwhile him and his family sat back and watched the whole transformation before their eyes. On completion we were privileged enough to be invited to the house warming party.

We had our well respected qualified and insured trades in to complete the house. In no particular order. Carpentry team, electrical an plumbing team, Our tilers, pest control, painter, plasterers and renderers, steam cleaners, brick layers, glaziers, window installers, quick cut and wall removal team. Roller door installers and ourselves to supply and install all the cabinetry. While we co-ordinated and oversaw the whole project.

So next time you think of undertaking a major renovation and aren’t sure where to start by all means we are happy to quote beyond just our name. We make fantastic kitchens and cabinetry but we can also provide you with the whole house renovation and co-ordinate it for you.

If you would like a quote please give Steve a call on 0419446847.

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Before & After Images