Are You Looking For A Kitchen Makeover In Adelaide?

Modern Kitchen Makeovers Adelaide

Kitchen Makeovers Adelaide are often a great way to add great value to your home. By adding extra life to the old or dated kitchen. Often the internals is in excellent condition and to replace is just throwing your hard earned money down the drain. 

I’ve specialised in what we call Rejuvenation’s since we first started many years ago. Often this is something the bigger guys won’t or can’t do. 

Why would you do a makeover rather than a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation?

  • New kitchens are starting from scratch and you might already like the layout and just want a face-lift.
  • A New Kitchen can be to expensive for some.
  • Are you selling your home and want to give your kitchen a slightly more modern look for resale?

What Is Involved In A Kitchen Makeover?

Some of our options for rejuvenation’s are:

  • New doors. 2 pack, laminate or melamine
  • New bench tops Replacement. Solid stone. Stone overlays or Laminate and Timber.
  • Existing resurfacing. We can have existing timber or laminate doors painted in a durable epoxy finish. 
  • Splashbacks. We can often install over existing either in a tile or glass splash back. Other options are Acrylic or stainless steel. 
  • Cabinetry additions. 
  • Once again we have all the trades to offer you a one-stop service with no hidden extras. 
  • We can also often add something new to the kitchen to make it bigger or better, for better functionality or to help you achieve a higher sale price when on the market.  
  • These sorts of makeovers will save you thousands of dollars. $$$. 

Call today to see what we can do for you. We offer free quotes to everyone in Adelaide. 

To get your free quote please contact Steve on 0419 446 847.

We are always updating our Facebook with work we have done so please feel free to visit our site. By looking at examples it can give you more ideas of what you might be after.