Kitchen Splashbacks Adelaide

Alluring Kitchens specialises in kitchen splashbacks Adelaide. We have been installing kitchen splashbacks for over 10 years, of all shapes and sizes. Having a splashback that suits your home is a must, as it is the feature wall of your kitchen.

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When you look behind the sink and stove of many contemporary kitchens, like the photo to the left, you are likely to see yourself reflected in a glass splashback. They give the kitchen a fresh and modern look, and the mirror-like finish opens the kitchen up making it appear larger.

Kitchen Splashbacks Adelaide, Examples

Why should I get a Kitchen Splashback?

Glass kitchen splashbacks are functional, and in certain styles of kitchens can create a very attractive look.

Splashbacks can not only improve the value of your home but also make cleaning your kitchen a whole lot easier, which is worthwhile in the long term.

With few or no joins, single-surface splashbacks (like glass) have fewer points at which mold and grime can grow. If a more simplistic style is required, we also offer tiled splashbacks. We are fully qualified to install custom made splashbacks as well as any tiling that may be required.

What is the purpose of a Glass Splashback?

Glass splashbacks are used in many areas of the home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor kitchens and in some cases, laundries and hallways as a feature wall. 

Their purpose is to provide an easier surface to clean, particularly in a kitchen or a bathroom. Splashbacks also allow for light to be reflected, thus creating more light throughout your home. When used as a feature wall, splashbacks give your house more character and a more modern style.

What else can we do for your home and renovation plans?

In addition to glass kitchen splashbacks, we offer the following:

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