Professionally Built New Kitchens Adelaide

At Alluring Kitchens we have over 20 years experience building new kitchens. Able to build modern, classic & simplistic kitchens that are affordable for all budgets. 

We specialise in designing kitchens that are highly efficient. Using all the space available to give you the best kitchen experience possible. 

Please view some of our new kitchen builds below. If you require more examples then please view our Facebook page. 

Examples Of Our New Kitchen Builds

Designing Your New Kitchen

How do you design a great kitchen? You need proper planning and inspiration. 

Feel free to look at our photos throughout this website or on our Facebook page to get more ideas for your kitchen. You can also look at designs in magazines, online or bring in photos you’ve taken yourself. Other great sources for inspiration are Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram. Each of these platforms lets you save your ideas to one place and is easy for us to access. By creating a collection of ideas, it can often help narrow down your design and style. This will help us create and build the exact kitchen of your dreams.

Learn more about designing the hub of the home.

Think About Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Today’s cabinets include user-friendly options such as full extension roll-out drawers. These drawers may add a little more to the overall bill but they will more than make-up for it in the useable space department. Creating much more useable space and accessibility. No more forgetting those bags of flour or canned foods at the back of the cupboards. A lot of people are even opting out of pantry space and choosing to have more streamlined bench space and drawer storage.

Pull-out recycling bins and other built-in storage systems (like wine racks or knife blocks) can add another element to your design. If you have any quirky ideas of what you would like to add to your kitchen, let us know, we’ve most likely installed one before!